Steroid Injection – Bursa


Bursal Steroid Injections alleviate pain caused by bursitis. A bursa is a soft tissue space between two structures, which allows the structures to slide against each other. Bursitis, the inflammation of a bursa, commonly causes pain in the soft tissues. This inflammation can cause reduced movement and pain. The injection of a small steroid dose and local anesthetic into the inflamed bursa can relieve swelling and pain.

During the Procedure

The physician will administer a local anesthetic into the tissue being injected. The physician will then administer a contrast dye directly into the bursa, guiding a needle with the aid of a fluoroscope x-ray. The steroid injection is then administered into thesoft bursal tissue. The patient may be sedated for this procedure.

Who needs this procedure?

Patients suffering from pain caused by bursitis may benefit from this procedure.

How long does it take?

This procedure can take between 10-20 minutes.

After the Procedure

The patient may be monitored for 20-60 minutes following the injection. The patient will be advised to rest the day of the injection.

While some injections offer temporary relief, some injections can be used to permanently treat tissues.