Medial Branch Block – Lumbar


Lumbar Medial Branch Block is a procedure for the treatment and diagnosis of headaches. It can also be used to investigate and treat neck, shoulder, buttock, and hip pain, as well as upper, middle and upper back pain. An anesthetic is injected near the medial branch nerves of the neck, middle, or lower back. This reduces pain by interrupting the signals sent from facet joints to the brain.

During the Procedure

Your physician will begin by numbing the area where the injection is to be administered. Next, the physician will inject a small amount of contrast dye. Using fluoroscopy, the physician will guide the needle to the proper position. The nerve is then injected with a numbing anesthetic, blocking pain signals from reaching the brain.

Who needs this procedure?

Patients suffering from back pain caused by arthritic facet joints could benefit from a Medial Branch Block.

After the Procedure

Patients will be able to return to normal activity shortly after their procedure is complete. This is a temporary treatment, therefore the patient should contact his/her physician when pain returns.